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Is Instiction a spiritual successor to Dino Crisis?

Let me also address this broad term of spiritual successor here, we obviously all loved and still appreciate what Dino Crisis was and what it meant to a huge segment of gamers that had the pleasure to experience it in its heyday. We just intend to recreate what we all felt back then and also instill that experience in a new generation of gamers and with modernised gameplay and mechanics.

How did the game come to be?

The topic came up a few times and we were willing to make a small game with dinosaurs, just for fun. We had all worked with Unreal Engine, with varying degrees of understanding using UE4 and decided to make it a pet project, a few hours a week, maybe. Within the first week we had a working prototype that we could deploy. When we showed some friends & family there was a common, “holy sh*t, is this Dino Crisis?”. It was hard to deny the influence and other games like Turok and action adventure games in general certainly played a role initially.
It became apparent, we should probably look at making this a real game. This led to everything else, we started a new studio, we needed to dedicate our efforts to this game. Most of the older crew were heavily drawn to the similarities with previous dino games that we loved.

What other games have helped to shape Instinction? 

The game started out as a passion project and is very much inspired by dinosaur games as a whole, this includes Dino Crisis, Trespasser and Turok, but it’s not limited to the dinosaur genre, collectively we love adventure, horror and combat games. Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted, Alien: Isolation are great examples of games we all enjoy playing, this is in no way a comprehensive list. At the end of the day, we are making a game we want to play

Why do you think no one has truly committed to the Dinosaur genre?

It may not be the dinosaur genre per se, but more hesitation with a comparison to Dino Crisis or the backlash that comes with it. ARK in particular, as a dinosaur game has a huge following, and it has its place, as Does Path of Titans or Jurassic Park, we could go on. The only consistent common denominator is dinosaurs, but the games are very different, in the same way racing games are unique to each other or how first-person shooters have all earned and deserve their own identity.
The hesitation, however, could even stem further than a straight forward comparison and be closer to a concern about litigation. Capcom also has teased a DC comeback and then didn't, so it’s time for a new contender.
From our experience with releasing some old behind-the-scenes footage, there is an insane desire for more dinosaur games, we initially released these clips to see if there was an appetite and to obtain some meaningful feedback directly from the public before fully building the game. The communities that exist regarding paleoart, paleo games and enthusiasts are massive! We are paleo nerds ourselves.


What’s the team’s approach to making the Dinosaurs feel “alive”?

This comes down to believable movement, textures and sounds. They have  dismemberment and gore mechanics, if you’re planning on knee-capping a dinosaur, you’ll see it limping for instance. Some but not many are NPC (non-player characters) which add to the ambience of the game, yes you can kill them too, but you can think of the use of them similar to adding birds to a game.


You plan to take advantage of some really advanced features – 8K, 120FPS, Ray-Tracing etc. Does this mean there’s a plan to support Instinction for a long time post-launch?

Right, this has been a hotly contested topic for a while! 8k @ 120fps is near impossible for most systems, natively that is a tall order, however, there are tricks to achieve this in some special instances, I’ll touch more on that in a bit. Not all environments need Raytracing to look incredible either, but Instinction will support forward compatibility to achieve 8k @ 120fps and of course Raytracing. Will all platforms and systems be able to support this? Of course not, but let’s remember modern games were impossible just a short while ago, providing the capability to support features like this is important to us.”

“Back to the first point, DLSS is magic, using AI for supersampling and anti-aliasing to upscale imagery means a game running at 4k can nearly look perfect at 8k on the appropriate monitor, the fact that this is already possible means you can already experience that without all the correct hardware. Another thing to point out is that playing a shooter game for instance, on an huge 8k monitor would be mental, you’d probably be in a neck brace after a few minutes, to have a comfortable experience you’d need to step some distance back away from the screen, at that stage, you may as well use a smaller monitor and you won’t even notice the difference.

Competitive shooter gamers need high refresh rates, most games look great at just 30-60fps. So to finish off I’d say it’s about managing expectations and diminishing returns, will you really need to play the game at on its max settings just because the game allows for it, even now not everyone has the same gameplay experience depending on their hardware and while we are including forward compatibility for this, it might not be ideal for everyone, we just like to have and provide options! A great video on the topic for those interested:

Are there plans to use the DualSense’s haptic feedback to good use? Like, say, if a dinosaur takes a bite out of the player and such?

If you were to close your eyes and play with different guns you’d soon start to recognise different weapons, even with your eyes closed. We don’t want the focus of the game play experience to be central around just those features, but they are utilised for PS5 in the game. We want to focus on the experience of the game first and have the Dualsense features complement the experience. We personally love the adaptive triggers for shooter games, and while some think they are just a gimmick, the controller as a whole really adds to the game.

You mentioned that the game is designed to feel different on each playthrough, what details can you give regarding the different modes and features that will make things stay fresh?

There is full customisation for the characters, weapons, HUD and even the dinosaur skins, there are side quests and not all of them need completing, so arguably you could play some of them next time.

Is there going to be any PVP modes?

We have a zombie mode, dinosaur zombies that is, and it’s also co-op, it’s just a bonus bundled in to test the waters a bit.

In terms of ambience, is this more in-line to traditional survival horror experiences? Or can players expect a more sandbox-y feel while maintaining tension?

The world is being designed in such a way that some areas can only be accessed or played through a certain way, objectives and missions will force the player to specific confines. The game is narrative driven, yet players aren't restricted to play in sequence.
There are parts of the game that require holding your breath, there is a lot of underwater exploration. Sometimes you’ll have no weapons and will need to use your brain to get yourself out of tough situations. It has lots of side quests, however it won’t feel empty and purposeless like many open-worlds feel.


Will the game have MP or Co-op?

Single-player and 3 person co-op is confirmed

What dinosaurs will be shown in the game?

We'll be adding more dinos based on community requests, there is a Deinonychus, and we will add the Comso to the request list, at some point it will go towards a community vote. Please email us

What consoles will Instinction be available on?

Last and next gen consoles, PC and also planned for Stadia and Switch.

Would be great to see this game on Stadia!

We're working on it :)

What's the best way for us to support the development?

For now, supporting us on our socials and YT is great, we are completely self funded so there's no real way for you to support us, we are considering offering merchandise to help support the development though, as with anything we are open to suggestions.

Will there be visible damage done to dinos and will it be varied when using explosives vs guns?

Different weapons will deliver different damage and fall-offs, dismemberment and gore will also be affected by weapon type and where the damage is administered.


I understand it is made on Unreal 4 engine, will you upgrade it through U5 engine before release to next gen consoles?

Will all the large theropods like T.Rex and Spinosaurus be encountered only once as bosses or will there be many individuals you have to either fight or avoid?

Most enemies will re-occur throughout the game and in some instances only when necessary. Without giving away too much you will almost certainly run into enemies more than once.

What genre does Instinction fit into?

Instinction is a prehistoric action-adventure horror game, semi open world with combat and exploration, while there are some survival elements such as crafting and resource pick-ups, so Instinction is not strictly a multiplayer survival game. The non-linear multi-dimensionality of the interaction with the player and AI enemies allows for non-repetitive and unique experiences in the game that work alongside the story.

Story, where?

Is Instinction Open World?

Instinction is a Semi-Open World game, the game starts off with a few linear levels, then later you are presented with an open-ended world, there are specific quests to complete the game, however, there are other side quests that are in the game but don't need to be completed.

When is the release date yet?

We're aiming for next year September, follow our socials and website for the most up-to-date information


When can we pre-order?

Instinctions new trailer will coincide with our Steam page launch in a few weeks, which will mean it can be Wishlisted, closer to launch we will offer Early Access. There will also be a Closed Beta next year too and everything will be announced prior.

Will the game have the same level of fidelity as the images and screenshots?

To some degree yes, all of our models use multiple level of detail (LODs) and that allows for lower quality meshes to be used further from the player to allow for quality models to be spawned closer. We continue to optimise each and everything in the game and the final release will utilise the full feature set from Unreal Engine 5, which allows for greater level of detail at runtime.

Will be there accurate dinosaurus?

For the most part yes, Instinction intends to depict accurate dinosaurs, including feathered varieties. At the end of the day remember this is a game and as the scientific community evolves with new findings and with new scientific papers being released often, it would mean endless revisions after release.

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