Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instinction?

Available Platforms?

Release Date?

Scientifically Accurate Dinosaurs?

Can we play as Dinosaurs?

Instinction is a prehistoric action-adventure game, with combat and exploration in multiple awe inspiring natural locations.

Play in First and Third person interchangeably, co-op will be supported. Experience a cinematic story based action adventure with combat, exploration and puzzles, where the environments can be as treacherous and beautiful as the creatures you encounter.

Environmental puzzles will have you completing quests and searching for ancient artefacts left by an unknown civilisation long since gone, or so it seems, while navigating stunning locations with ever changing weather conditions and embark on an unforgettable journey. 

The game will be available on PC, last and next gen consoles, later releases are planned for Stadia. Digital and Physical.

Our early Steam page will be live in a few days, which means it can be wishlisted, closer to launch we will offer Early Access and there will also be a Closed Beta next year too. The Steam page will merely stand as a placeholder for releases on other platforms, so just be aware it will not only be available on PC. For some of those interested we will also be offering modding support and additional game modes, which will only be activated at the appropriate time after launch. Currently release is TBA as we are in discussions with strategic partners that will allow us to build a more polished and larger game that originally anticipated, here again community feedback was largely taken into account and the overwhelming request was not to rush the development and rather allow for a more refined game.

If Instinction were a documentary sure, and while we will always strife to be scientifically accurate within reason, as the developers we do also exercise artistic licence. Occasionally we reveal updates to our current models, each time integrating more accurate interpretations. For instance, the raptor used in the recent trailer is a Deinonychus, even though it is a given that all dromaeosaurs had feathers, there is no empirical scientific evidence yet that Deino had feathers at all unfortunately. The game will contain feathered and non-feathered varieties regardless and in time we will start revealing more details for each and take on community feedback for integration.

Instinction does have integrated quests where you will have to play as a dinosaur to complete, however, Instinction is not a dinosaur simulator or world builder.