Hashbane is pleased to announce that we are now accepting submissions for our Instinction Fund in partnership and supported by our partners Hillfarrance.

After securing funding and following the continued success of Instinctions development, we have decided to launch the Instinction Fund, a grant scheme offering support to paleo related activities, studies and research, which will provide funding of NZ$10,000 in value, to suitable applicants. The first donation has been awarded to Dr. Amber Coste of Otago University.

Applicants are invited to apply for the grant to cover expenses arising from a defined paleo research or development project that possesses timeliness and promise. Projects may concern scientific research, papers, dig sites, restorations, exhibitions, paleo art(digital and traditional), anthropology, paleo ecology & geology etc. The fund is open to applicants from all corners of the globe and projects can be based internationally.

Applications should be made by filling out the required information below. Candidates should also make themselves aware of the Terms and Conditions of the grant and applications should be submitted electronically on or before the closing date.


Private individuals, Collaborations and Institutions are all equally welcome to apply. Applicants will be assessed equally on their merits, with no preference as to mode of enquiry.


July 29, 2022 (GMT+12)


We've bootstrapped our own ambitious projects, we understand that sometimes all a project of endeavor needs is that extra push, a little bit of money helps.

Not only do we have a passion for our own paleo project, but we want to facilitate and contribute to projects that directly benefit the paleo community as a whole.

We were fortunate enough to be able to do this thanks to Rob Vickery of Hillfarrance suggesting the idea and graciously offering to financially back the grant, Rob also happens to be an amateur paleontologist and gamer. 
Read the full article here.

If you believe you're working on or intend to be working on something that would benefit from this grant, we'd love to hear from you.

Fill out the application below, please be specific and clearly define why you are a suitable recipient. We can't wait to learn more about the exciting things you're working on.

Thanks for submitting, we will be in touch soon!

Terms and Conditions

1. Grants are to be used for their specified purpose
The funds granted are tied to a particular purpose. Beneficiaries undertake to use the funds granted or financial donations of any other nature pursuant to the grant agreement only for the approved project or sub-project. Any changes to content, deferment of deadlines, changes to participants, etc., must be discussed with us. We must be informed at once of any planned changes, as any change may result in the right to agreed funding being forfeited. Where changes are made to a project, continued funding of it is conditional on our renewed agreement in writing. Should changes to a project not be approved, we reserve the right to withhold payment of the funds originally agreed or to claim back from the beneficiaries any funds already paid out.

2. Repayment of grants on cancellation of a project
Should a project not go ahead, we reserve the right to claim back from the beneficiaries any funds already paid out. Where a project is cancelled or otherwise not implemented, the beneficiaries undertake to repay to us the funds already transferred to them, without being requested to do so, and to inform us promptly and in writing of the reason for the cancellation.

3. Grant agreement
A grant agreement is concluded where the amount of the funding exceeds NZ$10,000 in a one off payment. By signing the grant agreement with legally binding effect, participants declare their consent to the Instinction Fund conditions for grants. The original copy of the grant agreement is to be signed and returned to the Instinction Fund within two weeks of receipt.

4. Confirmation of receipt of credited payment
Beneficiaries must confirm receipt of any payment by email within 10 days.

5. Communication
Beneficiaries undertake to mention the support received from the Instinction Fund when discussing their project in the media (both on- and off-line). Projects supported by the Instinction Fund are to display its logo and name. The use of our name and the positioning of the logo must make clear which project or sub-project we are supporting. Images and film material sent to the Instinction Fund as part of the application or reporting process may be published on the website without any indication of the source.

6. Reporting
Beneficiaries must regularly report to Hashbane Interactive on the progress of their project. Where a single grant is made, they must submit a final report on the project no later than three months after its completion, without being requested to do so. Where projects run for more than one year, additional written interim reports must be submitted in accordance with the grant agreement.

7. Final statement of account
A detailed final statement of account must be attached to the final report. It must be based on the budget plan accompanying the application and must make it possible to compare actual expenditure with budgeted expenditure.

8. Publications by Hashbane Interactive
Beneficiaries must declare their agreement to public reports (both on- and off-line) by us about the project and the institution. In the “Educational grants for individuals” support sector, reports are anonymised and agreed with the beneficiary before publication.

9. Exclusion of liability
Liability for the content and conduct of projects and events rests exclusively with the beneficiaries.

10. Data protection
The protection of personal data is important to us. For that reason, we comply in everything we do with the applicable legal regulations on the protection of personal data and on data security. We will collect, process and use personal data made available to us only for the purposes expressly stated in the notes on data protection or communicated by other means, and likewise in instances in which such collection, processing or use

  • is directly connected with the original purpose for which the personal data were collected.

  • is necessary for the purpose of preparing, negotiating or performing a contract.

  • is made necessary by legal obligation or by an official or court order.

  • is necessary to establish or protect a legal claim or for defence against a legal action.

11. Obligation to report changes to the terms of the agreement
All changes made by the beneficiary to the conditions of the grant as originally agreed must be notified to Instinction Fund immediately. This requirement relates specifically to:

  • Changes of address

  • Material changes affecting the planned budget and/or financing of the project (e.g. contributions from third parties, grants for study provided to recipients of individual educational grants by the canton or by other foundations)

  • Changes to the personal circumstances (i.e. income and assets) of recipients of individual educational grants