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Hashbane was born from the desire to create unforgettable games, we take pride in working with absolute professionals, we hire skilled peers, swallow and absorb constructive criticism, with one goal in mind: create something inspiring, passionate and unforgettable! 

We began working on our first title, Instinction, a little under a year ago through our sister company Dane Design, which in its own right has been a highly successful business since its inception. We then felt it necessary to start a separate game studio solely focused and dedicated to the development of Instinction, and directly funded by Dane Design.

We're based in New Zealand and have worked extensively in Unreal Engine for nearly a decade with 27 years experience in commercial visual production in various fields, including animation, architectural visualisation, motion graphics & advertising for clients across the globe.

We'd love you to be on this journey with us!

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